Healthy animal – unfazed farmer - thrifty farm

Animal hoof diseases are great concern of the herd leading to unwanted losses: cow milk yield during lactation period may go down by even 400 kg, the workers have to devote more time to looking after and treatment of such cows, sometimes part of such animals has to go for slaughter. Treatment of unattended hooves might cost up to 300 Eur per cow per annum. Above problems may be avoided by proper and timely hoof trimming and treatment. It is recommended that trimming of hooves in farms is performed twice a year and for high productivity animals - even more often. In addition to that the hoof problems may be avoided by balanced feed, maintenance, manure removal, sufficient resting surface, non-slippery floors, and usage of footbaths. The main hoof diseases are interdigital dermatitis, interdigital phlegmon (foot rot), laminitis, digital dermatitis (Mortellaro disease), sole ulcers.